Olyfberg Olive Oil Products

Olyfberg olive oil was awarded as the best blended extra virgin olive oil in the world, Olyfberg's roots are firmly grounded in the Klein Karoo soil

The olives are grown on the farm El Olivar in the Breede River Valley, bordering South Africa’s Klein Karoo region, near the town of Robertson.

Shimmering olive groves as far as the eye can see make an awe-inspiring statement in the otherwise barren landscape, greened only along the banks of a tributary that feeds the Breede River. This is the birthplace of the acclaimed Olyfberg olive oil, awarded in 2008 by L’Extravergine 2008 – A Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil in the World, as the best blend.

Olyfberg Olive oil has also been awarded a SA Olive Gold Award for the 2007 and 2008 vintages..

Olive trees are for sale on farm

A place for olives

After much exploration to find an area suitable for olive growing, the Naudé family chanced upon the Breede River valley, where the terroir and climate share remarkable similarities with Tuscany in Italy and certain areas of Spain, notably those close to Cordoba.

The Naudés bought the largely undeveloped farm in 1995. The name “Olyfberg” is a reference to the Biblical “Mount Olive”. They planted 100 hectares to Mission, Leccino, Frantaoia, Manzanilla, Korantina and Kalamata. The first three varieties are used in the creations of Olyfberg’s award-winning “liquid gold”. The maiden harvest was in 2001.

The Breede River Valley climate can be harsh and inhospitable. But the olive oil created here is soft, fruity and delicate – a wonderful companion to fine dining and hospitality.

Olyfberg joins CANSA to combat cancer