Anida Training Mentorship Programme

Olyfberg’s success lies in its people.

Everyone at Olyfberg takes part in these training programmes.

They offer programmes in Life Skills, Mentorship, Money Sense, Basic Management Skills etc.

The outcome of these courses create a feeling of pride, responsibility and passion towards their job – something which you immediately sense when you enter Olyfberg.

And this is definitely present when you taste the product – you just know there’s something different about Olyfberg.

Olyfberg employee wins SA Olive Mentorship award

Leana Stevens from Olyfberg Olive Estate, outside Robertson, trumped 113 entrants to win the 2014 SA Olive Mentorship Award.

SA Olive introduced this programme in 2008 as part of their ongoing commitment to the mentoring of a new generation of olive growers and creators of olive oil.

Choosing an award recipient proved very difficult for the judges, as all of the diverse finalists shared inspirational stories of immense personal and professional growth during their involvement with the programme.