The Oil

Olyfberg’s award-winning olive oil is a blend of three cultivars: Mission, Leccino and Frantoio. The unique combination of oils pressed from these three varieties (50% black, 50% green) is what gives Olyfberg its characteristic qualities.

The complex confluence of taste, aroma and visual qualities originates in the soil. The soil is prepared by ripping and ploughing the land, to allow the roots to penetrate in search of moisture. Each of the 30 000 trees is irrigated, using water from the Breede River. The trees are pruned annually to a height of 2,2 metres to ensure ease of harvesting.


High-tech for quality

The oil is extracted from prime quality handpicked olives through the use of the latest Pieralisi extraction system from Italy. This technology ensures the least contact with oxygen. The oil is further refined by putting it through a separator, after which it is stored in a cool dark room for three months.
A filtration process follows carefully capturing the delicate flavours. The oil is bottled for a maximum shelf life of two years in dark green bottles which safeguard the oil from the harmful influence of sunlight.